Take Time to Enjoy

25 May

This is my home. Or, more precisely, 5 minutes from my home. I took this shot on the Kenai Flats in Kenai, Alaska this past weekend just shortly after sunrise. The clouds were forming an unbroken layer high in the sky and the bright early morning sunlight was illuminating everything below the thick cloud cover.

My Home

My Home (click for larger picture)

I’m pretty sure all my friends and neighbors are familiar with this view as well, although maybe more from up on the road behind me than actually down on the flats.

The picture got some attention on various online social venues. One comment in particular caught my blogging fancy.. “How fortunate you are to live where you do!”

This got me thinking about what we project to others when we share a photograph. The way the beauty is “isolated” is one thing, but also how the photograph is interpreted as a result of the way it is edited.

This shot is a 4 shot HDR merge. On this case, the composition of the shot meant more than the original colors, so I decided to add a deep sepia tone to the shot.

Sometimes creation speaks for itself. Other times, I want to speak out for creation!. And it’s everywhere. You just need to take the time to enjoy it.


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2 responses to “Take Time to Enjoy

  1. Chelsie Harris

    June 3, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    Dad I think you view things is such a beautiful way! I love getting to see the world through your eyes but looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    • WonderWowPhotos

      June 4, 2013 at 6:53 am

      Thanks Chelsie. I love capturing the world this way!


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