Why I Love Black and White

Black and white photography is all about texture. It’s about the subtlety of shades and shading.

By all means – shoot in color. Then convert the shot afterwards in your favorite photo editing software. The color actually helps define the range of shading in the b&w result.

After some practice, you will see that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Certain color shots make great b&w. Others don’t. You’ll soon learn which is which- and why.

It’s not stepping back into yesteryear to do this, you know. It’s really seeing your world in a whole new light.

Learn to see in black and white. It’s fun trying. And even if black and white is not your cup of tea, it will make you a better photographer.



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He Thinks It’s A Perch

My photography life was derailed last summer when we lost Maggie, our 2 year old Boston Terrier.

Maggie got out of the yard and was hit by a car.

It really took some of the ummmph out of my creativity. I was really surprised.

We got another Boston Terrier about a month later – another rescue dog. His name is Winston.

He’s not Maggie. But that comparison would be unfair to both Maggie and Winston!

Totally different, equally lovable. We had to peel away the little 4-legged stranger’s facade little by little. But, behold! He is him!

RIP Maggie. Welcome home Winston!


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Once Again, It’s Time for My Favorite Gig!

Kenai River Marathon

Kenai River Marathon

Every year, at the end of the month of September, runners from all over converge on Kenai, Alaska to run in the Kenai River Marathon.

For the past several years, I have had a wonderful time as the Race photographer. All the pictures we take as part of the Marathon are sold to raise money for the Marathon. I do not keep any of the money from the sales.

Even if you didn’t participate, you might want to look through the pictures. But to those who ran the race and to those who supported them, I encourage you to find your shots and buy a picture or two.  You can get to the galleries for these pictures via the View/Buy
 link in 
the column to the right.

  • The “KRM2013″ shots are available as 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, and 8″ x 10″ for $5, $10, and $15 respectively.
Kenai River Marathon 2013

Kenai River Marathon 2013

Special thanks to all the KRM organizers and volunteers, and my dear wife who helps me with all the details and displays pictures on the large Screen TV at race central throughout the day.

And this year I was joined by one other photographer/friend to cover the event. Thanks to Toni Reitter for her help.

And last but not least to all you runners. You sure looked good. Enjoy the pictures. We sure enjoyed taking and editing them!

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Grateful Dead End

My family recently visited Home, Alaska for the day. We live “right up the road” in Kenai, and several times a year we pop on down to Homer for some R&R. Funny Thing: I know some photographers who think Homer, Alaska is the most beautiful place on earth. But for us, it’s just a day trip we have done many time before.

I have photographed may things in and around Homer over the years. So now, I go there, not only looking for the “Big WOW” photos, but also the little WOW. And this last trip I found one at the end of the road – literally.

We decided to stop into Two Sisters Bakery, a great place for some espresso, and delicious baked goods. The parking lot was full – It was summer in Alaska after all. I dropped by family off and headed down the road to find a place to turn around.

Well, I was delighted to see that the person who owns the property at the end of the road was gracious about allowing a turn-around in his driveway. I mean, it was quite obvious that it was OK!

click for larger picture

Grateful Dead End

This is the most colorful picture I have taken in Homer in recent months. I think it just “drips” with the Alaskan spirit. I posted it to Google Plus “signsunday” and was delighted when they asked to feature it on their banner page for a week.

I feel for the people who turned around in that driveway and never bothered to notice the color and creativity. Having a specific goal or task in mind is fine. But be sure you don’t allow something fresh and unique to trip you up now and again. If you miss it, you’ll just be one more person who mutters as he/she has reached another dead end!

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Take Time to Enjoy

This is my home. Or, more precisely, 5 minutes from my home. I took this shot on the Kenai Flats in Kenai, Alaska this past weekend just shortly after sunrise. The clouds were forming an unbroken layer high in the sky and the bright early morning sunlight was illuminating everything below the thick cloud cover.

My Home

My Home (click for larger picture)

I’m pretty sure all my friends and neighbors are familiar with this view as well, although maybe more from up on the road behind me than actually down on the flats.

The picture got some attention on various online social venues. One comment in particular caught my blogging fancy.. “How fortunate you are to live where you do!”

This got me thinking about what we project to others when we share a photograph. The way the beauty is “isolated” is one thing, but also how the photograph is interpreted as a result of the way it is edited.

This shot is a 4 shot HDR merge. On this case, the composition of the shot meant more than the original colors, so I decided to add a deep sepia tone to the shot.

Sometimes creation speaks for itself. Other times, I want to speak out for creation!. And it’s everywhere. You just need to take the time to enjoy it.


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My Tree

I passed this tree at least twice a day on my way to and from work for several years before I ever noticed it.

Then, one fall morning, shortly after I began taking photography a bit more seriously, it POPPED out of nowhere.
My TreeMy photography discipline was helping me to view the world with a new set of eyes. I was learning to see things that previously did not register on my radar. Color, contrast, shades and shadows, texture and lines to name a few; a new awareness about things around me.

So now, I check in on “my tree” regularly. At the very least, I give it a differential nod as I drive by. And when I stop to take a photograph, it always poses so well for me!

By the way, my beautiful wife doesn’t see what I see in this tree. Do you agree?

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Sorry I’m Late Mom

Actually, I wasn’t late for Mother’s Day – but just for this blog article about Mothers Day.

Mom, I love you and I am happy for you and T. It has been hard slipping out of place as the number one man in you life since K passed away, but I’m absolutely willing to concede that spot to T. He’s been great!

Thanks Mom. You are an example to me in many ways. I love You.


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